Board of Directors

Our volunteer-run Board of Directors are professionals and community members. They are committed to furthering the mission of The Matthews House. 


Dan 300x300 - Our Board

Dan Lundmark, President

Video Producer (retired)

“It is an honor to serve as president of The Matthews House Board. The tireless dedication of staff, volunteers and the executive team is making Larimer County a better place to live.”

Dan worked in advertising as a video producer in Chicago in a former life.



Bob 300x300 - Our Board

Bob Steiner, Vice President of Development

Senior Director, Hewlett-Packard (retired)

Our family has grown and prospered in Northern Colorado. Serving on The Matthews House Board is my way of giving back a bit of the community goodness we’ve received over the years. I invest my time with the thought that my contribution can enable Fort Collins to be a better place for all of us.”

Bob loves eating and cooking, in that order!  So he can indulge in those hobbies, you are likely to find him either cycling the foothills or at the gym.


Jenny 300x300 - Our Board

Jenny Eggleston, Secretary

COO, Accounting Systems, Inc. (retired)

I am on the Board because I believe in the mission of the Matthews House and I am passionate about working towards sustainable practices that better our world.

Jenny’s best days start with yoga or a remote mountain bike ride and include painting with watercolors.



Scott 300x300 - Our Board

Scott Haberman, Treasurer

Tax Senior Manager, Eide Bailly LLP

I joined The Matthews House Board as the mission and purpose is one that I connect with personally during my childhood. The organization is a shining light for our community and future generations in Northern Colorado.”

Scott’s passion is his growing family. Also, he is a recovering Seattle Supersonics fanatic.



Shelly 1 300x300 - Our Board

Shelly Arneson

Adjunct Professor, CSU College of Business

“I decided to join the board because I was looking for a way to contribute to a local community cause I believe in. The mission of TMH connects with me personally because we had many foster kids in my home when I was growing up.

Shelly is a flatlander from Iowa who loves biking, hiking, and skiing the beautiful Colorado Rockies!


Gary 300x298 - Our Board

Gary Betow

Attorney (retired)

“I am on the Board because I believe in strengthening families and making our community better. I want to help people overcome adversity and prior trauma so that they can lead happy lives, make responsible decisions, and be productive citizens.

Gary likes to experience everything that this area has to offer, but his main interests are running, hiking, kayaking, bicycling, beer tasting, and being with family.


Royce 300x300 - Our Board

Royce Glader

Founder, Merit Electric (retired)

“I joined The Matthews House board because I believe the preventative work is the most progressive of any I have heard of for helping at-risk youth.

Royce loves to fabricate things from metal. He says, “it is noisy, dirty, and hard work.” He has been running businesses for his whole career, but metal fabrication gives him immediate tangible gratification.


Anselma 298x300 - Our Board

Anselma Lopez

Campus & Community Engagement, CSU – Division of Enrollment & Access

“The Matthews House is an inspiring organization and am thankful for the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors.  I look forward to contributing to empowering youth, strengthening families, and building communities.  I’m excited to help ensure the continued success of The Matthews House alongside the board, staff and volunteers.”

Anselma stays busy engaging with her friends and family and enjoys seeing Fort Collins robust development.


Jesse 298x300 - Our Board

Jesse Patton

Assistant Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank

“I am on The Matthews House Board because I believe in utilizing my knowledge and expertise to improve my community any way I can.  As a parent, The Matthews House’s became an obvious choice for me.”

Jesse is a big foodie. He spends most of his weekends coming up with new creations for his family on his Traegger or visiting one of the many delicious restaurants in town.


Seth 300x300 - Our Board

Seth Silvers

Owner/Founder, Story On Marketing

“I love working with The Matthews House because their work has proven to not just pull people out of dire situations but to help keep them progressing forward.”

In Seth’s spare time, he loves doing fun things outdoors with the people he loves.



Nate 300x300 - Our Board

Nate Wallshein

Attorney at Law, Otis, Bedingfield & Peters, LLC

“I am humbled by the opportunity to serve on The Matthews House Board of Directors. I am in awe of our incredible staff and volunteers as we work together to provide much needed services in our community by empowering youth and families in times of transition, and by providing preventive, educational, and vocational training. It is my goal to further the mission of The Matthews House and to help build a lasting legacy.”

On a really good day, you just might find Nate scrambling up a rock somewhere in the mountains.



Interested in being a Board member?

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