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Our staff members are enthusiastic, collaborative, & compassionate individuals who believe in the work they are doing. The Matthews House employs 37 full-time and 31 part-time dedicated staff members.


Administrative Staff


Jerri 300x300 - Our Team

Jerri Schmitz, Founder & Executive Director

In third grade I organized my first nonprofit work helping children in Africa, I love road trips and all things outdoors, and at the age of 51, I became a drummer.” 


Redo Nicole 1 300x300 - Our TeamNicole Armstrong, Executive Program Director

I have O negative blood (the universal blood type) and have donated over three gallons of blood.”                                                                                                                    


Mary 300x300 - Our Team

Mary Ericson, Development Director

“I’m a travel addict, I can sing every lyric of ‘American Pie’, and am a proud alumna of Colorado State University (Go Rams!).”


Cicely 1 300x300 - Our Team

Cicely Booton, Development Associate

Slalom skiing brings me joy, I often utilize my dress-up box, and eating all of the cinnamon rolls in a package is not a rare occurrence for me.”


Amy 300x300 - Our Team

Amy Stephens, Volunteer & Communications Coordinator

“I love tennis, figure skating, and Kansas City Royals baseball. AND I want to hug every dog I see.”



Jenny 1 300x300 - Our Team

Jenny Stetson-Strange, Executive Assistant

I have lived in Latvia, England, and Japan teaching English and have traveled the world on various mission trips. My favorite thing to do at home is cook and bake for my family. I am married to a wonderful man and am raising two amazing boys.”


Ian 300x300 - Our Team

Ian Erickson, IT Technician

“I’m a huge fan of history, I’ve started my own book club, and fall is my favorite time of year.”



Program Directors


Shelly 300x300 - Our Team

Shelley Bogus, Youth & Family Program Director

“I love the mountains and living in this beautiful state with my family! I enjoy hiking, biking and camping, and tend to turn the volume up high and jam when songs come on by my favorite artists – Toby Mac, News Boys, We Are Messengers, etc.”


Andrew 300x300 - Our Team

Andrew McKnight, Youth & Family Program Director

I’m a true Southerner and a Clemson grad. I love to play golf, snowboard, and spend time with family and friends.”   



Shawn 1 300x300 - Our Team

Shawn Keefer, Experiential Education Director

I’m the proud father of two adorable little hellions, if I could have any accent it would be Irish, and I’d gladly give up two of my toes to see Paul McCartney in concert before he stops touring.”


Lisa 1 297x300 - Our TeamLise Harwell, Education & Enrichment Director

“I can often be found cooking in my kitchen, exercising around my neighborhood, and lengthening my to-be-read book list. Also, participating in music fills my heart with joy!”


Natalie 300x300 - Our TeamNatalie Vacha, Community Life Center Family Services Director

“My life is currently unplanned dance parties with my toddler (preferably in our pjs), desperately trying to find free time to have my nose in a book, or continuously cleaning up after making a mess in the kitchen while trying a new recipe!”