The Matthews House Ambassador Program


Ambassador logo greenOur Ambassadors are volunteers who have a passion for our mission, love what we’re doing, and want to spread the word!

Ambassadors help raise awareness about our mission by mentioning our name in social circles, talking one-on-one with business partners, or presenting to groups. We train our Ambassadors to talk about The Matthews House in whatever way they are most comfortable, and empower them to help make a difference for our organization and, ultimately, the clients we serve.


“I’m an Ambassador of The Matthews House because I’ve been given much and want to help those less fortunate than myself. The programs at The Matthews House are literally changing lives. Their prevention work is innovative and impactful, but it lacks stable funding. By being an Ambassador, I can help ensure these prevention programs have a strong foundation for continuing impact in the community.”                                                  – Curt Bear, Ambassador



Want to be an Ambassador? Have questions about how it all works?

Contact Mary at or call (970) 472-4293.