Community Center

The Community Life Center

Family Services

The primary goal of our Family Services at The Community Life Center (CLC) is to profoundly change the lives of families through system navigation, side by side, ongoing supportive services and proactive parenting education programs designed for sustainable impact beyond the length of the services.  The CLC has several Transition Facilitators who are able to assist families in their pursuance of vocational education, sustainable and safe housing, parenting support, financial budgeting, community connections and aid in the increase of support networks.  All family Transition Facilitation services at the CLC are voluntary and open to the community.


The primary goal of our Education program at The Community Life Center is to improve student’s academic skills, intellectual capacity and social abilities enabling them to creatively and practically solve their educational needs and life challenges and to provide career development support to students.  We do this by maximizing our resources and services by developing and maintaining an active network of educational partnerships and collaborations with local colleges, service agencies and volunteers.  We house several educational programs, all free of cost. There are adult education programs as well as afterschool programming for elementary and middle school youth. Our Educational programming has no registration fees and is available to the community at large.


Recreation is an important aspect of a healthy family and a healthy community. Our goal at The Community Life Center is to create positive recreational pursuits which are accessible for individuals and families of all abilities, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. We strive to break-down barriers in order for families to access needed services by providing meaningful, hands-on learning opportunities for their children while they attend classes, meetings and groups and to connect them to volunteers and community members in order to strengthen their support system. We offer recreation opportunities to children, adults and whole families. We regularly offer dance programs, including Zumba, as well as pickup basketball. As with our Education and Family Services, Recreational programming at the CLC is open to the public and completely free of charge.