The Matthews House

Youth & Family Center (YFC)

415 Mason Ct. #1, Fort Collins, CO 80524

The Youth & Family Center is often referred to as “the house,” as it has the look and feel of a home, rather than an office. It’s important to us that our participants think of the house as a safe harbor– a place where they are comfortable and have support. Youth and families meet with The Matthews House staff, as well as social service workers, at the house, and participate in onsite activities. In addition to working on program goals, youth and families have the opportunity to do laundry, cook a meal and enjoy conversation with our house volunteers.


Community Life Center

Community Life Centers (CLCs)

CLC at Fullana Learning Center – 220 North Grant Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521

CLC at Genesis Project – 400 S. Link Lane, Fort Collins, CO 80524

The Matthews House Community Life Centers provide a variety of family services, educational opportunities and experiential activities. The CLC at Fullana, established in 2012, offers a wide scope of activities, like fitness classes, family dinners and adult education. The CLC at Genesis Project opened in early 2015, and is growing rapidly. Both CLCs offer parenting classes, Homework Helpers and one-on-one Transition Facilitation for families. See the full activities calendar here.