Matthews House impact

The Matthews House Impact on Local Community

Statistics & Facts

The Matthews House Programs serve youth ages 14-21 and families with children 0-18. Participants are low-income (0-30% AMI). 66% of participants are Caucasian, 27% Hispanic, 5% African American and 2% Native American.

88% of youth ages 14-16 and 97% ages 19-21 did not reenter the justice system. 76% avoided delinquency including gang involvement. 84% have remained in a safe housing situation, 90% exhibit an increase in learned independent living and social skills, 86% increased in job readiness skills and 64% acquired a job within 6 months of program participation.

For families, from October 2012 through July 2013 the presenting issues were 89% housing/homelessness, 56% job readiness needs, 36% domestic violence, 15% substance abuse, 45% parenting needs, and 21% legal needs. Of the 212 families served, 165 were involved in ongoing Family Transition. 87% of ongoing cases successfully closed, 85% did not have children removed from their homes, 93% did not have children abused during or after the time they were receiving services, 98% did not have another open case with the Department of Human Services, 86% of caregivers completed identified treatment and/or remained free of illegal substances and 93% of adults did not enter or return to the adult justice system.